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Most recently Perla's work was highlighted at the San Diego California Jewish Film Festival. Some of those pieces are represented on this web site. For more information and other work not displayed here, please contact the artist.

Before painting, Perla warms up by creating free-form playful watercolors. Deborah Lieberman, head psychologist at the Tel Aviv Institute for Child Development, convinced Perla that these watercolors would be an ideal tool to help children express their feelings creatively. She collaborated with Fox in the development of verses and fun activities in this book.


Book: The Wooodles


The Wooodles -
Stretching Your Imagination

Publisher: Full Court Press
Hard Cover:
$15.95 plus S&H
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Book: Let Me Count the Ways
Let Me Count the Ways
Letters of Friendship,
Love and Deception


Description: 451 letters, from 1915 through 1945, all neatly tied in a ribbon, reveal the lives and times of a strong family, their relationships with each other and with the outsiders who both enrich and unravel the fabric of their lives. The love letters often give way to anecdotal and humorous interchanges, plus other letters of deception during the Great Depression while the Great War looms in the background.

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Publisher: Devora Publishing
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